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hello there.

I’m vanessa,
YOUR therapist for mothers 

I know what it's like to be an ambitious woman and mother. I know the challenges, the joys, and the everything in between.

You deserve a compassionate therapist, who you can relate to... someone who makes you feel safe, secure, and seen while guiding you through your journey. I help mothers of color juggle the demands of work, motherhood, womanhood, and personal wellness, while managing stress, anxiety, depression, and postnatal depletion. I help them navigate the challenges of matrescence, including issues related to mental load, the default parenting dynamic, the maternal wall, and more. I help them create a roadmap to the life they want for themselves. 

HYPE GIRL, wellness enthusiast, boy mom, CREATIVE, BADASS


A guide to navigating Matrescence

Never heard of "Matrescence"? I hadn't either, and then I did! And I haven't been the same since and view motherhood completely anew. It's a term I want all mothers to know about because it will truly change your understanding about motherhood, and womanhood.

ready to start
transforming your journey?

let's get started today

Imagine a life where you feel confident and capable. Where you are able to juggle the demands of work, motherhood, and self-care with more ease. Where you manage stress, anxiety, and depression. Where you are able to navigate the challenges of matrescence, the mental load, and the default parenting dynamic, and more. Where you embrace your womanhood and create a life you love, and live it well.

This is the kind of life that I am passionate about helping mothers of color create as a therapist for mothers.



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